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Case Studies

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Aspiritech offers full product lifecycle management, end-to-end user testing, quality assurance, accessibility testing, and data services. We are obsessed with user experience and quality.

The world’s leading headphone company has a reputation for high quality, easy set up and use. Bose relies on Aspiritech to test across peripherals and platforms to assure a seamless roll out of software upgrades and new features, so customers can have an optimum experience over the life of their products.

HSRI Case Study

Aspiritech supplemented HSRI’s busy team with dedicated accessibility analysts to ensure their digital platforms are usable by everyone, and we provided the flexibility needed to meet the demands of every task.

Komodo Case Study

Komodo Health wanted software and quality assurance testers to review its cloud-based software dedicated to improving patient outcomes. Aspiritech’s team provided the flexibility, reliability, and expertise that Komodo Health needed.

ANC & TSA Case Study

Good machine learning relies on skilled human “teachers.” That’s where ANC’s partnership with Aspiritech to review and annotate TSA images comes in.

Hippo Manager Case Study

Hippo Manager’s partnership with Aspiritech delivers rapid software evolution and error-free releases, boosting veterinary customer satisfaction and retention.

SourceAmerica Case Study

SourceAmerica created a platform for people with disabilities to be seen, heard, and hired. When looking for a team to test the accessibility of the technologies that drive that platform, Aspiritech was the natural choice.

Basecamp Case Study

Aspiritech’s team utilized the four principles of accessibility—perceivability, operability, understandability, and robustness—to ensure that Basecamp’s products are usable by all.

AbbVie Case Study

In order to provide customers with updated information on their prescriptions, leading biopharmaceutical company AbbVie relies on Aspiritech’s behind-the-scenes work for their data, validation, and integrity needs.

A male Aspiritech QA analyst in a blue-gray shirt and glasses looks toward a man in a black shirt in glasses.

Goldman Sachs Case Study

When Goldman Sachs Transaction Banking needed an efficient and repeatable way to ensure their services always worked as intended, Aspiritech’s functional QA testing team was there to match their ambitious software rollout and system update schedule.

JP Morgan Chase Case Study

Aspiritech’s QA and accessibility testers helped ensure the smoothest user experiences for all of JP Morgan Chase’s virtual chat and mobile app users.

Zebra Case Study

The world’s leader in barcode printers and scanners was in need of constant QA testing to ensure uninterrupted and quality service for its printer clients. Aspiritech delivered.