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Hippo Manager Case Study

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The Aspiritech's software quality assurance testing team is ready to ensure your new products role out seamlessly to users. Every time.

Client Testimonials

Andrew Page, Director of Operations,
Hippo Manager, Inc.
"Aspiritech has been a game changer for us. With their support, we can reliably release updates every two weeks, enabling us to stay ahead of the competition. We've made significant advancements in a short period, and our customers are reaping the benefits."
Kim London, Director of Business Development and Strategic Partnerships
Hippo Manager, Inc.
"The Aspiritech team got up to speed like lightning, infusing new ideas, tools, and expertise into our testing processes. Their contribution has significantly enhanced our efficiency and enables us to consistently deliver product updates to our veterinary practice partners."
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From this case study

The case study of Hippo Manager and Aspiritech’s collaboration showcases the remarkable results achieved through their joint efforts. With a focus on scaling its development and testing strategies, Hippo Manager implemented agile methodologies and incorporated Aspiritech’s quality assurance processes into its cycle. This streamlined approach empowered Hippo Manager to confidently roll out new features and major updates, improving customer satisfaction and retention.