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Aspiritech’s donors allow our nonprofit to provide the essential support and programs that make us a leading provider of meaningful employment for autistic adults. If you can, please support our mission today.

Team Members

Our team members are the heart of everything we do. They act not only as tech experts who support our clients day in and day out, but they are also ambassadors of our organization and its mission. Meet our team and see what they have to say about working at Aspiritech.

Staff TESTERmonials​


Aspiritech has the type of work culture I feel at home with. Other jobs were much more difficult for me to fit in. Working here has helped me understand my own limitations and work with them, while being a positive help to the company.”


“Unlike other jobs, where they expected me to know everything, this job allows me an opportunity to learn things, and so it is not as stressful.”


“I feel a little less alone. At other jobs, I felt more isolated, because I didn’t feel like I could talk to anyone else. Here feels different. I feel like I could be friends with my co-workers here.”


Working here has given me more self-esteem. I feel good about accomplishing things, and I feel good about promoting this company.”


It has given me more confidence. Most of my confidence comes from moving out and living on my own, which I would not have done without this job.”


I would recommend businesses to work with us because we are low cost, we are domestic, and we are high quality.”


“Since working here, I have learned how to better collaborate with other people. I’ve also made a few friends here.”


Aspiritech is very flexible and supportive. They care not only for quality work, but also just as much for the well-being of their employees, physically and mentally. It’s because of that and the nature of our work, when COVID first hit, many of us were able to transition to a work-from-home environment with relative ease.


The testing techniques and defect reporting techniques are superior to what I have come across during my career in the computer science field.”


“I have never felt like such an organized and helpful person as I do here. I feel like I’m important here, and I’m accomplishing things, and I’m making other people’s lives easier.”


“We’re not the most conventional company, but what everyone agrees on is that we are thorough and a good value for the client.”


What I really appreciate about Aspiritech (as a company) is that it provides its employees with reasonable accommodations and support, as well as the chance to reach our full potential as highly-valued Analysts.


I love that they are willing to accommodate us, and just knowing that those accommodations are there, makes me a more effective worker.”


Aspiritech is the first place I’ve worked where my autism feels like a blessing rather than an obstacle.

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