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Goldman Sachs Case Study

Outsourcing QA to Aspiritech kept the investment banking giant's software running smoothly and error-free.
Adult male and female employees work at computers on both sides of a large desk.

SQA Excellence on Tap

Goldman Sachs Transaction Banking (TxB), rolls out new software on an ambitious schedule.

Aspiritech’s team of onshore quality assurance analysts provides functional testing to ensure that new features work properly and existing functionality remains consistent

Client Testimonials

Bruce Horner
VP, Digital UX Engineering
Goldman Sachs Transaction Banking
"I’ve learned that the Aspiritech team has a great ability to look at things from a different angle. If I ask them to test a page in a certain way and define certain things that I need to know, they may well come back and tell me about other things that are broken on the page—things I didn’t know to ask about. They bring a very creative approach to these tasks."

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