Accessibility Testing: Design, UX, Usability & WCAG Conformance

Making websites, apps, and software more usable for absolutely everyone.

Most people would likely recognize accessibility in the physical world. For example curb cutouts, automatic doors, ramps, and braille on signs. But people of all abilities need consideration regardless of where they may be, including in digital spaces.

That’s why our focus is on digital accessibility

This refers to how usable a website, app, or digital content is for all users – especially those with disabilities who may use assistive technology. 

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What We Do – Accessibility QA Services
  • Our accessibility team can audit your website, app or software’s Section 508, ADA, and WCAG compliance as well as provide feedback on usability
  • Our accessibility testers have extensive experience in manual QA and usability testing on top of their knowledge of accessibility guidelines, testing processes, and assistive technology
  • This allows us to not only test against standard accessibility guidelines but also provide feedback on usability, best practices, and how to improve the user experience beyond just satisfying criteria or checklists
  • Accessibility is much more than just checking boxes to maintain compliance – it’s about the entire user experience, including people with disabilities
  • We can also provide audits to designers, early in the design phase. This is a proactive approach for designers, developers, and product owners to think about accessibility from the beginning of the product lifecycle, saving time and money in the long run
Accessibility Remediation Services
We don’t just identify accessibility issues. We can help fix them, too!
  • We offer premium development services from a powerhouse team of exclusively senior-level developers fluent in Webflow, WordPress, Shopify, Squarespace, and HubSpot.
  • Our pro developers excel at transforming web-ready designs into stunning, accessible, and impactful digital experiences.
  • But we’re not just developers! Our team is meticulous, thoughtful, and fiercely passionate about access to online information. We are problem-solvers, innovators, and your new technical partners in the digital realm.
We can help make your products accessible to all

Why Choose the Aspiritech Team ?

From the Experts

"Good accessibility is about compliance, great accessibility is about empathy. "


Sheri Byrne-Haber,
Accessibility Architect and LinkedIn’s
Top Voice for Social Impact in 2022

See for yourself

You built it. Hire us to test it. Check out our case studies from current and past clients, to see why they love working with Aspiritech, and how our team helps elevate their user experience.

Source America Case Study

SourceAmerica creates a platform for people with disabilities to be seen, heard, and hired. When looking for a team to test the accessibility of the technologies that drive that platform, Aspiritech was the natural choice.

Aon Accessibility Audit Case Study

When Aon needed to update its YPR site to meet WCAG 2.1’s AA conformance level, Aspiritech’s accessibility audit advised the firm of the right changes to implement.