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Data Services: Data Annotation, Data Labeling, and Data Validation.

Quality in, quality out, and quality at every step of the process.

As the old data saying goes, “Garbage in, garbage out.” Aspiritech is ready to clean things up for you!

Aspiritech analysts are highly trained data experts who can handle everything from large-scale annotation projects to high-stakes migration initiatives. 

High-quality Artificial Intelligence or Machine Learning models require large volumes of clean and correctly annotated data. At Aspiritech, we help companies prepare data sets and validate the results, enhance customer experience, and improve ROI.

Whatever you need, we’re here for you. Contact us to find out how we can lend a helping hand for your data project. 

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Validation & Annotation
  • Conduct error searches and provide fixes, e.g., locate and report duplicate entries, inexact matches, and spelling errors
  • Formulate meaningful conclusions through analysis and form actionable insights
  • Improve data accuracy and dependability, so clients can make effective business decisions
  • Identify and correct defects and inconsistencies in data
  • Include manual verification of data, using external data source—analysts are experienced in Excel, Tableau, PowerBI, and other data tools
  • Oversee replication of HTML coding and other basic development building blocks
Mining & Analysis
  • Find patterns in data using SQL, pivot tables, array formulas, Excel functions, etc.
  • Verify conclusions using statistical techniques, e.g., determining variance and standard deviation, data distributions, etc.
  • Categorize entries by searching for keywords in free-form data text fields
  • Discover problems and anomalies by matching actual patterns in the data with expected patterns
Migration & Normalization
  • Verify large-scale data migration from multiple sources, including combining fields with inconsistent field names

  • Guide data imports and exports

  • Test synchronization through updates and batch processing

  • Remove duplicate records and merge partial product information from multiple databases

  • Clean and prepare databases for system migrations

Project Examples

  • Compare, inspect, and update Salesforce contact records
  • Compared revenue totals from a client’s data with their business statements to find discrepancies
  • Validate pension calculations for large enterprises
  • Check retail databases and websites to make sure product images match attributes, tags in descriptions, and prices
  • Research and confirm insurance coverage and drug pricing for a pharmaceutical company
  • Review cybersecurity measures and identify gaps in compliance
  • Categorize and sort relevant products to fuel a recommendation engine for an e-commerce website
  • Tag 3D x-ray baggage images for potentially hazardous materials as part of a United States government contract
  • Participate in chatbot training and validation for a large international bank

Why the Aspiritech Team Is the Right Choice

Client Testimonials

"They organize the material so we can sort by topic, keyword, and numerical value for seamless searching... The clean data must be accessible and comprehensive so we can create reports for quarterly and annual meetings. The work they do for us is time-consuming and detailed — It really frees our data support team here."


Senior Data Governance & Master
Data Management Analyst

See for yourself

You built it. Hire us to test it. Check out our case studies from current and past clients, to see why they love working with Aspiritech, and how our team helps elevate their user experience.

ANC & TSA Case Study

Good machine learning relies on skilled human “teachers.” That’s where ANC’s partnership with Aspiritech to review and annotate TSA images comes in.

Aon Benefits Calculator Case Study

Aspiritech’s data services team leveraged the power of Excel to solve Aon’s problem of manually checking complex reports and efficiently verifying the accuracy of their calculations in every scenario.

JP Morgan Chase

Aspiritech helps implement natural language chatbots, through regression and software testing.