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Aspiritech’s donors allow our nonprofit to provide the essential support and programs that make us a leading provider of meaningful employment for autistic adults. If you can, please support our mission today.

HSRI Accessibility Case Study

The Aspiritech team is passionate about partnering with organizations to make their digital experience, websites, and apps accessible to all.
A female Aspiritech employee with long hair and glasses works at a laptop computer in an open office setting.

Mission-Aligned Partnerships

Building websites is not HSRI’s day job, and its team members have to balance already busy schedules with development work. Adding to that, HSRI’s clients are government agencies, which makes for unpredictable timelines for feedback and approvals.

Aspiritech supplemented HSRI’s team with dedicated accessibility analysts, all while providing the flexibility needed to meet the demands of every task.

Client Testimonial

Alexandra Bonardi
Vice President, Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities
“The fact that Aspiritech creates valued employment and career development for a neurodiverse group of employees aligns very well with our intent to ensure the companies we do business with share the values of HSRI as an organization.”

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