Neurodiversity Resource Library

Maintaining good mental health in the workplace beyond is a key part of any role. Explore our Neurodiversity Resource Library and discover how to better care for yourself and others.


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Self-care isn’t selfish. Find out how to pay attention to the needs of your body and mind to support your health and happiness.

Why Accessibility Isn’t Complete Without Considering Neurodiversity

Why Accessibility Isn’t Complete Without Considering Neurodiversity

It is important to create digital spaces and content that is accessible with neurodiverse individuals in mind. There are many accessibility barriers that ND people face but by having your site tested you can identify the areas that need fixed and create a more inclusive online environment.

Understanding and Managing Depression

Coping with stress and change is challenging for autistic adults and has been shown to contribute to the development of anxiety, OCD, or mood disorders, such as depression. In this article we’ll cover depression, its signs and how to manage symptoms.

Understanding and Managing Executive Functioning Challenges

Executive functions, the set of cognitive skills that allow people to do things like follow directions, control their emotions, focus, and/or attain their goals. In this article we’ll cover what that means for individuals, and how we can help work within these challenges to improve our workplace abilities.

The Importance of Self-Care

The routines and practices which help maintain or improve emotional, physical, psychological, and spiritual well-being can look different for everyone.

Understanding and Managing Anxiety

Causes for anxiety disorders are many and may include effects from trauma, one’s own genetics, pre-existing conditions caused by illness, social factors or as a result of a learned coping mechanism.

Workplace Strategies for Adults with ADHD

While most people at times have difficulties with sitting still, remaining focused, and resisting impulsive behaviors, individuals living with ADHD may face these challenges constantly.