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AbbVie Case Study

In order to provide customers with updated information on their prescriptions, leading biopharmaceutical company AbbVie relies on Aspiritech’s behind-the-scenes work for their data, validation, and integrity needs.
Aspiritech Data Services Program Manager Kyle Verbeke wears a red plaid shirt and green beanie while working at a laptop.

Aspiritech's Data Services at Work

AbbVie is a global biopharmaceutical company with a focus on developing innovative, advanced therapies to meet the needs of patients around the world.

Aspiritech’s data services team sorted and compiled the data necessary to answer patients’ questions, then innovated a new solution that provided AbbVie with even greater value.

Client Testimonial

Richard Gonzalez
Chairman & CEO
"Bringing together experts from diverse backgrounds and thought is crucial to our ability to deliver today and into the future."

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