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You Already Have a Neurodiverse Team.

Learn how to harness the power  of different kinds of brains.

NeuroGrowth Professional Development and DEI Training Program for Corporate Managers and Leaders

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Advantages for your organization 

Training managers and teams to work with neurodivergent team members creates a more inclusive workplace, improves communication, increases productivity, and enhances employee satisfaction. 


What’s Included

  • Quarterly live webinars (60 min) + recordings
  • 20+ video educational modules on neurodiversity, + new trainings each month
  • Monthly email with resources and news about neurodiversity for your team
  • Certification of Neurodiversity-Friendly Company Training by Aspiritech
  • Badges for your website and social media
  • Press release for your company

* Optional private support hours for neurodivergent team members and/or managers (add-on)

Why Choose Us?

  • Our training is developed and delivered by a neurodivergent team. 
  • Aspiritech has fifteen years of experience running a successful tech company. 
  • Over 90% of our +/- 120 employees are autistic. 
  • 93% of employees report being highly engaged.
  • Our annual retention rate is 99% .
"...In the past 4 years I have worked at Aspiritech I have witnessed our neurodivergent staff create endless opportunities, even when the world said we couldn't." Joe Vidal, Quality Assurance Lead at Aspiritech

Example Training Topics

  • Neurodiversity & leadership 
  • Performance evaluations for neurodivergent team members 
  • Optimizing communication for neurodiverse teams 
  • Creating career pathways for neurodivergent stars 
  • Mentoring a Neurodiverse Workforce

Client Testimonials

"IDEXX R&D Customer Facing Software has partnered with Aspiritech since 2016 and welcomed individuals into careers at IDEXX where they have a natural skill set and opportunity to excel. The Aspiritech teams bring a new perspective to our work and have been part of the development and testing process for two recent instrument launches—SediVue Dx® and ProCyte One."


Free Webinar

Watch “Neurodiversity & the Workplace” to get started learning how to unlock the power of your neurodiverse team.

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