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About the Stepping Up & Out (SUO) Program

Stepping Up & Out (SUO) is Aspiritech’s social program for adults on the autism spectrum. It was launched in 2012 and continues to be made possible thanks to the generous support of the Grandy Foundation.
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Our SUO program hosts events just for Aspiritech employees, as well as events open to Aspiritech employees and members of the community at large.

All participants must be at least 18 years old and be able to participate without the assistance of a parent or aide.

SUO currently uses a hybrid model and includes virtual after-work weekday clubs and virtual weekend activities, as well as in-person outings and special events at Aspiritech’s Evanston office.

The program is run by Alex Dudasik, who is Aspiritech’s Happiness Coordinator. Being on the spectrum himself, Alex is able to have a good pulse on what sorts of things participants would enjoy, and also regularly asks for suggestions from employees and others, to provide the best programming possible.

Team photos from our SUO events

Benefits and Activities of the SUO Program

SUO provides social activities in a fun, safe, and low-pressure environment. Although there are Aspiritech-employed facilitators, the program is largely participant driven and evolves based on feedback from its attendees.

Group activities and outings reduce isolation and help build friendships even among adults who might have difficulty meeting new people, and they provide participants with the opportunity to practice social skills without fear of repercussions for doing something “wrong.” 

Some previous activities and outings include movie theaters, arcades, shopping malls, concerts, zoos, botanic gardens, corn mazes, bowling alleys, mini golf courses, escape rooms, trivia games, video games streams, improv workshops, holiday parties, and more.

To Participate in Aspiritech’s Stepping Up & Out


  1. Email with your name, age, and interest in participating
  2. Fill out a short survey with additional info
  3. RSVP to the invite if you plan on attending an event




Please note participation is contingent on a meeting with SUO staff.


If you would like to support and help expand Aspiritech’s Stepping Up & Out program, consider making a charitable donation to our nonprofit today.

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