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Audio & Hardware Testing: Speakers, Headphones, & Connectivity

QA services for a full range of audio tech

The Aspiritech team is serious about sound.

We’re passionate about quality.

And we’re obsessed with user experience.

That makes us pretty fantastic QA testers for audio, if we do say so ourselves.

But don’t take our word for it.

Check out this case study of one of our biggest clients and a leader in audio innovation.

Are you interested in working with a team that commits itself to quality and embeds with your workflow? Could your development benefit from partners that will be allies in customer experience? 

If so, contact our team and find out how we can help.

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An Aspiritech analyst tests by browser and device. Photo credit: Anne Ryan
Check Out Our Audio Services
  • Test Design and Test Plans
  • Decomp and Test Script Development
  • Regression and Functional Testing for Quality Assurance
  • Black Box, Gray Box, and White Box Testing
  • Test Case Creation and Execution
  • Test Case Maintenance
  • Lifecycle Management
  • Embedded with Client Development Teams
  • Subjective Testing
  • Exploratory Testing
  • Audio for Video Testing
  • Earbuds and Banded Headphones
  • Stand-Alone Speakers
  • Device Connection
  • Bluetooth Testing
  • Software Connectivity across a Wide Range of Applications

How We Do It

  • We pair regression and functional testing with exploratory testing to optimize bug detection.
  • We embed ourselves deeply with our clients to understand their products and goals. 
  • We develop a deep bench of expertise in audio—in particular, people who are sensitive to sound or passionate about music, audio, and movies.
  • We offer continuous training and learning opportunities for our engineers, to keep them up to date on all the latest tech and best practices.
  • We act as partners in crunch times and in meeting deadlines. 

Why the Aspiritech Team Is the Right Choice

Client Testimonials

"Aspiritech provides us with the manpower and the expertise that we need to get through our SQA testing as well as managing the whole manual testing side of the product line. I find working with their management and their leads is extremely helpful for me to deliver my SQA build requirements at Bose."


Barry Clark, SQA Lead,
Audio for Video Product Line,
Bose Corp

See for yourself

You built it. Hire us to test it. Check out our case studies from current and past clients, to see why they love working with Aspiritech, and how our team helps elevate their user experience.

Bose Case Study

Bose relies on Aspiritech to test across peripherals and platforms to assure a seamless roll out of software upgrades…

IDEXX Case Study

Aspiritech ensures data integrity and the seamless, accurate use of the veterinary management software through consistent software and hardware testing.

Zebra Case Study

The world’s leader in barcode printers and scanners was in need of constant QA testing to ensure uninterrupted and quality service for its printer clients. Aspiritech delivered.