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Brad Cohen stands smiling in front of a long desk with his arms crossed.

Announcing Brad Cohen’s Transition at Aspiritech

It is with mixed emotions that we announce Brad Cohen’s retirement after a decade of unparalleled service on the Aspiritech Board of Directors and five years leading our growth as Chief Marketing Officer. He will continue in the role of Advisor.

Manual vs Automated Accessibility Testing

There’s no shortage of information online about accessibility audits for ADA compliance and how to perform them, so it’s crucial to understand that not all audit methods are created equal. Two different kinds of testing methods are used to uncover accessibility issues in websites and other digital assets; automated testing and manual testing.

Welcome New Board Members

Aspiritech welcomes seven new board members to guide its mission. Together, we can continue to make Aspiritech a beacon of change and a model employer in promoting neurodiversity in the workplace.

A brown hand holds a black pen over an open journal in front of a sunlight ledge topped with potted plants.

Focus on Self-Care

Self-care isn’t selfish. Find out how to pay attention to the needs of your body and mind to support your health and happiness.

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