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Welcome New Board Members

Aspiritech welcomes seven new board members to guide its mission. Together, we can continue to make Aspiritech a beacon of change and a model employer in promoting neurodiversity in the workplace.

The mature white female trainer stands in front of six students demonstrating the QA testing lesson. Each student has a desktop in front of them.

Aspiritech AREA Summer Internship Program

Aspiritech is offering an academy program to expand our training and employment model for youth with autism. The academy allows autistic youth to develop their employability and leadership skills through virtual education and training with the goal to be hired to work remotely for Aspiritech or at other companies.

Why Accessibility Isn’t Complete Without Considering Neurodiversity

Why Accessibility Isn’t Complete Without Considering Neurodiversity

It is important to create digital spaces and content that is accessible with neurodiverse individuals in mind. There are many accessibility barriers that ND people face but by having your site tested you can identify the areas that need fixed and create a more inclusive online environment.

Understanding and Managing Depression

Coping with stress and change is challenging for autistic adults and has been shown to contribute to the development of anxiety, OCD, or mood disorders, such as depression. In this article we’ll cover depression, its signs and how to manage symptoms.

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