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Meet Our Happiness Coordinator: Alex Dudasik

Aspiritech’s Stepping Up & Out program provides social opportunities for employees outside of work hours. These events allow colleagues to connect off the clock, and are made possible by our Happiness Coordinator, Alex Dudasik.

Understanding and Managing Anxiety

Everyone experiences feelings of anxiety or stress as this is a natural part of life, for example, we might feel anxious before our first day on a new job. Although

Workplace Strategies for Adults with ADHD

While most people at times have difficulties with sitting still, remaining focused, and resisting impulsive behaviors, individuals living with ADHD may face these challenges constantly. ADHD is a common neurological

Joe Vidal: My Story

When I joined Aspiritech in 2018, I was a QA Analyst assigned to the Bose team, where I am now a QA Lead and manage a team of five QA Analysts.

Understanding and Managing Depression

Coping with stress and change is challenging for autistic adults and has been shown to contribute to the development of anxiety, OCD, or mood disorders, such as depression. In this article we’ll cover depression, its signs and how to manage symptoms.

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Understanding and Managing Executive Functioning Challenges

Executive functions, the set of cognitive skills that allow people to do things like follow directions, control their emotions, focus, and/or attain their goals. In this article we’ll cover what that means for individuals, and how we can help work within these challenges to improve our workplace abilities.

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