April is Autism Acceptance Month

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Aspiritech Receives Impact 100 Award

Aspiritech is grateful for this opportunity to inspire other companies as we work toward our vision of a world that embraces neurodiversity.
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Aspiritech, a neurodiversity-centered organization, is proud to announce that it is the recipient of a 2024 Impact 100 Award. The Impact 100 Awards spotlight the most impactful employers worldwide. These awards are selected by Hyer, a global media company built around sharing insights from the most influential companies and company cultures.

Impact 100 organizations demonstrate dedication to their team members through a long-term commitment to building a progressive work environment where every individual matters and is worth more than their job title.

Aspiritech is thrilled to be an Impact 100 Award recipient, along with companies such as OpenAI, Headspace, and TerraCycle. We are proud to be recognized for our work promoting meaningful employment for those on the autism spectrum, creating awareness about neurodiversity, and providing educational and training resources to individuals and organizations.

“Aspiritech is built around valuing each individual person and working to create an environment where they have a chance to thrive and reach their full potential,” Aspiritech CEO Tara May said. “An inclusive and welcoming environment can help people do their best work and be their best selves while at work.”

“It is an honor to see our efforts in creating a workplace that empowers and supports every team member recognized through the Impact 100 Award,” said Aspiritech VP of People & Culture Nick Bruno. “I hope our continued success and recognition show that truly putting your people first is a path to a highly successful business.”

The Selection Process

Hyer’s Impact 100 review process includes evaluating current and future employee initiatives, program results, and accountable commitments, to determine employee sentiment and innovation rankings.

Beyond this analysis, Hyer also designed an anonymous internal survey for the candidate company’s employees. The survey included open-ended questions to understand the participants’ sentiments about their employers without bias from company leadership. 

Hyer’s team analyzed the responses and screened for specific keywords and phrases as part of a larger ranking and assessment process. 

More than 20,000 employees of more than 5,000 companies were surveyed, including Aspiritech team members.

Championing Meaningful Employment

“Although there are many companies that could be considered leaders in impact, these companies represent the highest standards and act as beacons of what a meaningful place to work looks like,” Hyer wrote in a recent release introducing the 2024 Impact 100 Awards. Aspiritech is grateful for this opportunity to inspire other companies as we work toward our vision of a world that embraces neurodiversity by valuing talents, supporting challenges, and welcoming differences.

How to Celebrate Neurodiversity at Work

Our free Neurodiversity & the Workplace webinar featuring Aspiritech CEO Tara May will show you how to make sure the neurodivergent members of your team are included, accommodated, and able to reach their full potential within their roles.