Autism at Work: Creating a More Equitable Hiring Process and Inclusive Workplace

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Creating an Inclusive Workplace Culture for All

Two recent articles highlight Aspiritech as a model employer. We are recognized for creating an equitable hiring processes and for promoting a workplace culture and experience that  accommodates neurodivergent workers. As an organization that values neurodiversity and inclusion and is one of the largest employers of autistic adults in North America, we strive to be an example to all companies looking to employ this talented and often underrepresented population.


Our tech company provides comprehensive quality assurance testing, data services, AI training, and accessibility testing services. We continue to receive excellent customer satisfaction ratings. But even more than our quality, what distinguishes Aspiritech is that over 90 percent of our 120-strong team — including managers — are autistic.  We are recognized globally as leaders in neurodiversity and employment. We are honored to be recognized in these two articles as part of a movement to promote autism at work. 

Recognition in Recent Articles

In the Employee Benefit News article, “85% of adults on the autism spectrum are unemployed — and hiring practices may be to blame,”  Tara May, Aspiritech CEO, explains, “The workplace is set up for neurotypical people. Everything from the interview to the office environment is built for neurotypical employees.” 

The article describes Aspiritech’s skill and assessment-based interview process and the policies and systems for supporting staff after onboarding. Author Paola Peralta writes, “Employers can learn from Aspiritech’s experiences by building workplaces that encourage equal opportunity and offer appropriate accommodations, which help to create a welcoming and inclusive culture that can attract and retain autistic talent.” 

The article details the gap between employment practices designed for neurotypical vs. neurodivergent workfers. By “putting the practices in place that allow individuals with autism to thrive in the workplace,” Aspiritech has built a model company where everyone can flourish. 

Another article that highlights Aspiritech is “Workers with autism lose helpful remote work benefits as in-office mandates increase,” written by Ella Vincent at Yahoo Finance. This article discusses the challenges faced by autistic individuals as more companies return to in-person work and remote work benefits are reduced or eliminated. In the article, Aspiritech is an example of a company that has provided meaningful employment opportunities for individuals on the autism spectrum, regardless of location.

The article quotes Justin Jungst, Software QA Program Manager, who emphasizes the importance of listening to autistic employees: “Employers need to find and listen to autistic employees. For example, employers can let workers have headphones to block noise or have soundproof rooms.” Jungst also reminds us about the importance of providing meaningful support for neurodivergent employees: “It’s really about making accommodations that will help people perform their best.”

Embracing Unique Perspectives and Talents

At Aspiritech, we’re proud to be at the forefront of a movement to create more inclusive workplaces for neurodivergent talent. Our CEO Tara May often emphasizes that these employment practices are not only helpful for neurodivergent employees but for all employees. “There truly is a universal approach to this. Employment practices like clear communication, expectation setting, and acknowledging different communication and managerial styles are helpful and necessary for every organization, neurodiverse or not,” May says.


Companies can benefit from all their employees’ unique perspectives and talents by creating a more inclusive and supportive workplace culture. As Aspiritech has shown, a neurodiverse workforce can be a valuable asset for any company. We hope that more companies will follow our lead in creating equitable workplace experiences for neurodivergent talent, and we look forward to continuing our work in this vital field.

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