Neurodiverse-Led Innovation in Veterinary Software

Hippo Manager and Aspiritech Partnership Delivers Rapid Software Evolution and Error-Free Releases, Boosting Veterinary Customer Satisfaction and Retention
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August 21, 2023 – LEXINGTON, KENTUCKY – Hippo Manager Software, a leading cloud-based veterinary management software provider, is thrilled to announce its strategic partnership with Aspiritech, a pioneering organization specializing in software testing and quality assurance, whose workforce is over 90% autistic.  


This collaboration brings a new level of efficiency and innovation to the veterinary software industry.


Aspiritech’s dedicated team, led by #actuallyautistic Project Manager Brad Burton, has played a pivotal role in improving Hippo Manager’s testing cycle. Kim London, Hippo’s Director of Business Development and Strategic Partnerships, highlights the impact of the partnership, stating,  “The Aspiritech team got up to speed like lightning, infusing new ideas, tools, and expertise into our testing processes. Their contribution has significantly enhanced our efficiency and enables us to consistently deliver product updates to our veterinary practice partners.”


The Hippo Manager case study, showcases a collaboration with Aspiritech and the remarkable results achieved through their joint efforts. With a focus on scaling its development and testing strategies, Hippo Manager implemented agile methodologies and incorporated Aspiritech’s quality assurance processes into its cycle. This streamlined approach empowered Hippo Manager to confidently roll out new features and major updates, improving customer satisfaction and retention.


Andrew Page, Hippo Manager’s Director of Operations, expresses his gratitude for the partnership: “Aspiritech has been a game changer for us. With their support, we can reliably release updates every two weeks, enabling us to stay ahead of the competition. We’ve made significant advancements in a short period, and our customers are reaping the benefits.”


The success of the Hippo Manager and Aspiritech partnership can be attributed to the seamless collaboration between the two teams. By merging Aspiritech’s expertise and resources, they have created a unified force dedicated to delivering exceptional software experiences to customers. 


“Hippo makes Aspiritech feel like we’re all on the same team,” Aspiritech CEO Tara May said. “They share improvement metrics with us, and we take pride in celebrating the victories of Hippo’s growing business.” 


For companies seeking to roll out software or digital experiences seamlessly, a partnership with Aspiritech offers a winning combination of expertise and the ability to rapidly scale up and down with your cycles. 


To learn more about Aspiritech and Hippo’s partnership and its transformative impact on veterinary software development, download the case study. 


About Hippo Manager: Hippo Manager Software is a leading cloud-based veterinary management software provider. With a commitment to privacy, security, and holistic care, Hippo Manager streamlines practice and group operations, serving customers in 14 countries and supporting millions of veterinary professionals.


About Aspiritech: Aspiritech is a pioneering organization specializing in software testing and quality assurance. With a neurodiverse team of experts, Aspiritech delivers exceptional results, driving innovation and efficiency in various industries.





Brad Cohen, Chief Marketing Officer, Aspiritech @aspiritech


Hippo Manager Software, Inc.

Kim London, Director of Business Development & Strategic Partnerships 

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