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Aspiritech and Bose: Partners in Audio Excellence

It's an honor to be trusted with the responsibility of ensuring that every Bose product we test meets the highest audio performance standards.
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Aspiritech is thrilled to highlight its continued partnership with Bose, a pioneer in audio technology renowned for its commitment to innovation and quality. This ongoing collaboration is a point of celebration for Aspiritech, as it provides the quality assurance analysts in our audio division further opportunities to let their capabilities shine.

Aspiritech’s Approach to Audio Testing

For some autistic people, sensitivity to sound can be one of their autistic traits. For the audio testers on the Aspiritech team, their heightened auditory experiences combined with meticulous attention to detail make them exceptionally adept at detecting subtle quality issues within audio devices.

Bose relies upon Aspiritech to test in-home and wearable audio devices to ascertain the best consumer experience. Our ISTQB-certified testers write test cases and create test plans for each product. Our team employs tools such as adb (Android Debug Bridge) for installation and debugging and use various APIs to interface with the products. For the past decade, we have executed hundreds of test cases efficiently and methodically, allowing the defects we’ve detected to be resolved before emerging products go to market and new updates roll out. We also test updates to existing products to improve the sound quality Bose delivers to their customers. The result: Aspiritech helps uphold the premium standard expected of all Bose audio gear.

Taking Pride In Our Work

At Aspiritech, our dedication to the projects we undertake extends beyond the completion of tasks. When we see new releases like the Smart Ultra Soundbar and QuietComfort Earbuds II, we take pride in knowing that our team’s commitment to quality assurance has contributed to their excellence. It’s an honor to be trusted with the responsibility of ensuring that every Bose product we test meets the highest audio performance standards.

Aspiritech is grateful for our ongoing partnership with Bose. We look forward to ensuring that every feature and device we test meets the highest possible audio performance standards.