1) Do I need to know how to communicate or work with people on the autism spectrum?

Aspiritech project leaders understand how business works, and Aspiritech manages any accommodations for our Test Engineers and QA Analysts. Clients do not need to interact directly with our testing team; however, after getting to know them and appreciating their skills, they often prefer to do so. Our tracking tool allows our clients to send an instant message to a specific analyst and get an (almost) immediate response.

2) Will I have to build detailed test cases for Aspiritech’s QA Analysts?

Aspiritech’s QA Analysts don’t require detailed test plans. We take pride in the fact that we can understand the software and test it without detailed steps. In fact, we can develop a test plan for you along with writing quality test cases.

3) Why is Aspiritech a non-profit corporation?

Our service is business-driven, competitively priced and delivered. We provide substantial value to our clients and consistently exceed expectations. Our nonprofit status enables tax deductible contributions which support our training programs, autism specialists and accommodations to ensure the optimal performance of our testing staff.

4) Will using Aspiritech take longer than outsourcing to traditional vendors?

Quite the contrary, Aspiritech QA Analysts learn quickly, are experienced in testing a diverse array of technologies, and are more efficient due to their innate ability to focus for long periods of time. We don’t waste our clients’ time “around the water cooler.”

5) Can Aspiritech Test Engineers and QA Analysts work at the client’s site?

Yes, we can do it with some accommodations.

6) Who assures the quality of the work?

Experienced employees and autism specialists oversee the testing process to ensure that the work proceeds efficiently.

7) Which platforms do we support?

Aspiritech supports quality assurance for websites and web apps on all the major browsers for Windows XP, 7 and 8 (IE6, 7, 8, 9, 10), Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Safari on PC, Linux and Macintosh. Aspiritech also supports mobile quality assurance for websites and apps all the major mobile devices such as Android and iOS based tablets and phones. 

8) What makes some people on the autism spectrum excel in QA and software testing?

Aspiritech Test Engineers and QA Analysts all share a form of autism that is characterized by distinctive talents along with varying degrees of social difficulties. More details can be found on our We explain this in detail under the Aspiritech Test Engineers & QA Analysts page.

9) I’d like to explore how Aspiritech can meet my company’s needs?

Contact Moshe Weitzberg at moshe@aspiritech.org or board member and business advisor Brad Cohen, bradc@aspiritech.org or call us directly at (312) 945-TEST (8378).

10) How does the initial engagement model with Aspiritech work?

The initial engagement involves information exchange about the required services, security, and tracking/communication tools. The second step involves signing a mutual NDA, SOW and often also an MSA. The actual education/presentation of the project is done via teleconferencing or at the client’s site.

11) Security

Aspiritech offers a state-of-the-art Cisco security router and static IP. Some companies provide their own hardware. Rarely, customers send their own security expert to set up a secure channel. Most companies are comfortable with VPN and/or static IP.