Test Engineers and QA Analysts

test engineers

Aspiritech Test Engineers and QA Analysts all share a form of autism that is characterized by distinctive talents along with varying degrees of social difficulties.

Employment at Aspiritech starts with a rigorous training program. Our QA Analysts focus on jobs for which they are best suited with support from professional managers and job-coaches.

Aspiritech Test Engineers’ distinctive talents include:

  • Tremendous attention to detail
  • Prolonged focus on seemingly repetitive tasks
  • Strong visual acuity
  • Remarkable concentration
  • Penetrating eyes for subtle details
  • Excellent memory
  • Logical thinking
  • Incredible precision
  • Affinity for technology

Our Test Engineers are recognized by our clients for:

  • Being quick and efficient
  • Their ability to detect subtle defects
  • Providing quality results without the need for detailed test cases (e.g., exploratory testing)
  • Thinking unconventionally and finding bugs and issues that are not part of the written test cases or requirements (happy path).

Aspiritech assures the quality of its services by:

  • Individualized and extensive hands-on training
  • Ongoing supervision, training and support
  • Supportive work environment managed by autism specialists
  • System of peer review of all issues and bugs identified on the clients’ software

Our Test Engineers and QA Analysts realize a taste of professional acceptance and success.

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“The Aspiritech testers are a solid addition to any team. Having them join my project was like unleashing a herd upon my software. We discovered many critical issues day one and they continue to provide value on a daily basis. Creating amazing software is all about building the right software team. I'm sure my experience is not unique. Finding stellar testers much less teams is elusive. It's tough to find people with the right potential, talent, abilities and heart . . . focused on testing. Aspiritech has got it.”

Ken Everett
VP Engineering, Promantek Inc.