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Hiring for Neurodiversity—Podcast Episode

Join us as we chat with Ben Eubanks from We're Only Human.
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Join us as we talk to Ben Eubanks of We’re Only Human (WOH).

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Podcast Interview Highlights

"We are wasting talent. We can't afford as a nation, as a society, to waste talent." 

When we talk about diversity in the workplace, we often overlook the concept of neurodiversity, which encompasses the broad range of intellectual capabilities that individuals have. In today’s episode, Ben interviews Brenda Weitzberg about her company, Aspiritech, and how it is able to hire individuals on the autism spectrum for specific tasks that suit the unique strengths of individuals with autism.

The capabilities of each person, regardless of the color of their skin, their gender, or their mental clarity, are unique. As Brenda says in the interview, “When you’ve seen one person with autism, you’ve just seen one person. You haven’t seen them all.” Let’s learn more about how to open up opportunities for those that are neurodiverse.

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