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Aspiritech CEO shares leadership philosophies in BetterManager podcast

Aspiritech CEO Tara May joined the BetterManager podcast to discuss how to create an environment that fosters psychological safety and drives innovation.
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As the world of work evolves, leaders and managers are being asked to do more. In addition to day-to-day responsibilities, successful companies are engaging leaders in conversations about broader issues like return on investment. What’s one of the best ways to ensure a company’s financial success? By putting people first and embracing a culture of growth and innovation.

Teams who can innovate, evolve and grow are more highly valued than ever before. But innovation is close to impossible without a psychologically safe environment where mental health is valued and prioritized. When blame and shame are rampant, only a select few benefit.

Tara May, CEO of Aspiritech and digital transformation expert, joins BetterManager to discuss how to create a workplace culture where innovation can thrive. She covers the importance of neurodiversity, the mental health resources that can best support your teams, and how creating a culture of safely “failing fast” can lead to amazing results.

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