Putting the ‘Quality’ in Quality Assurance

In the business of quality assurance, the products that we test are constantly undergoing small tweaks and improvements such as software or hardware upgrades, or new designs.
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To stay competitive, companies with dynamic and evolving products need incredibly rapid turnaround for QA testing, and most of all, they need a partner that they can trust. 

We are a long-time vendor to Bose, who needed a headphone testing project done just as COVID was hitting. The Bose headphones testing cycle consisted of 1,000 – 1,400 tests, with each one needing to be completed in just a week. In such an intense and fast-paced environment, analyst burnout is common. Aspiritech’s unique workforce, however, aided by the strong support staff, are able to keep up with the demands of our client’s product development.

Maxwell Huffman , the QA manager for Aspiritech’s Bose team, has worked tirelessly to ensure that his team has been well equipped to continue to deliver high-quality performance, both in and out of the office.

As Maxwell remarked, “They [Bose] thought that it was going to be very difficult to keep us on track, and I said, ‘Well, our goal is that you’re not really going to notice anything…And they were really surprised, because they really didn’t notice much. They were really proud of us for pulling that off.” Aspiritech’s work-from-home success is just one of many reasons that Bose has continued to rely on Aspiritech’s work for their quality assurance needs. 

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