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Outsourced QA Testers Give Trov an On-Call Workforce

Trov is always looking to optimize and streamline the user experience for their applications and products. 
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At Aspiritech, the client experience is also our utmost priority. Aspiritech’s Outsourced QA team provides three main services for Trov: front end automation, regression testing, and penetration testing. In each of these tasks, there are countless tests and details that need to be considered in order to eliminate any bugs before software upgrades are released to customers. In addition, the analysts are also often working under quick and important deadlines from the client to meet production and marketing goals. 

Jason Lehmann, Aspiritech’s Trov team lead described the outsourced QA Team arrangement this way, “Our Trov team expands and contracts depending on the needs of the client.” While the nature of Trov’s business means that they aren’t in constant need of QA work, Aspiritech’s team leader has engineered a system whereby they can maximize their efforts while ensuring that Trov’s fluctuating needs are met in a timely manner. Even when the flow of work from Trov is at a lull, “We’ll have one person on standby, and in that time they will start regression testing on the development platform for the next cycle, or start looking for accessibility issues on the new code. That’s something I worked out with the client.” 

This approach of tailoring our services to the client’s needs is just one of Aspiritech’s strategies to ensure the best user experience for both our clients and their clients. 

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