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Neurodiversity is Top of Mind for HR Titan Hays Worldwide

This Hays Journal article features expert insights from Aspiritech’s Brad Cohen, along with McKinsey & Company, EY.
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Happy to be a resource for this Hays Journal article, Could a Neurodiverse Workforce Benefit Your Business by Yvonne Smyth of Hays Recruiting Experts Worldwide that explores why companies should prioritize neurodiversity in their organizations, and how improving neurodiversity can bolster much-needed skillsets.

This Hays Journal article features expert insights from Aspiritech’s Brad Cohen, along with  McKinsey & CompanyEY. The article explains why neurodiversity is essential to building a more inclusive workplace and how hiring neurodiverse employees offers many business benefits such as increased employee creativity and staff retention.

Aspiritech’s Brad Cohen says, “The secret to Aspiritech’s success in hiring neurodivergent employees is offering them the support they need. Even now during COVID-19, we employ 116 QA testers who are autistic plus a handful of support staff to help our autistic employees with both hard and soft skills.” 

Aspiritech is the first and largest company to recruit, hire, and train people on the autism spectrum to work in QA Testing. Aspiritech has been in business twelve years and enjoys a 95% employee retention rate. “Employee retention is the best testament ever to our winning formula.” Cohen added. “Our low employee turnover is a huge asset to our tech clients. They appreciate that the same people work with them to Quality Assurance test each and every product or software upgrade year over year.”

Aspiritech offers many avenues to help companies access the benefits of a neurodiverse workforce. Some clients delegate their Quality Assurance software testing, hardware testing or data integrity projects wholesale, while others use Aspiritech to augment internal teams.

We also often consult with other companies on how to attract, hire, train, and retain neurodiverse staff members. Give us a call if you are interested in learning more.


Quote from Brad Cohen, Chief Marketing Officer for Aspiritech, which says "Everyone gains when people are given the opportunity to use their skills for meaningful, well-paying work."
Aspiritech is featured in Hays Journal feature story.
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