More than a Job By Rachael Brusic

Prior to Aspiritech, I had a job and a goal, but not a career while I studied Counterterrorism and Homeland Security in college.
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I came to know Aspiritech after my mom heard about it and my step-father was friends with an Aspiritech employee’s dad. Learning more about the company gave me a sense that it could really lead to a potential career and it was more challenging work than what I was actively doing. My mom recommended I apply after leaving school, and after a few months I started my journey at Aspiritech in late 2018.

Coming from a job with more physical risk as a public safety officer, I knew early on that how Aspiritech operates and how the people are treated is very different than typical corporate America. I really liked the compassion that came with this company, versus a company that could replace me in a week or viewed me as just another number. 

I was originally hired as an Analyst where I always tackled some of the hardest test cases. I often took a leadership position on projects, and started a technology joke board where other employees can submit jokes and I’ll post them to a designated cork board. 

One of the first projects I worked on as an Analyst was for Bose, and a year later I was chosen to lead my own team as a Software Quality Assurance Lead for them. My team started with three people and has grown to about twenty as we’ve been tasked with more projects for Bose in the course of a year. We test products like headphones, portable speakers, and sunglasses, and we ensure software updates don’t negatively affect the user experience.  

As I’ve developed my leadership experience and skills, I’ve always put my analysts at the forefront. If someone is having an anxiety attack or a hard day, I’ll listen, show compassion, and try to help them through what they’re struggling with. If they’re struggling with a piece of equipment, I’ll remind them that it is just a piece of equipment, calm them down, and offer to work on the issue together. I still finish my assigned tasks, but I’ll also ensure that I’m taking the time to make sure my team is okay.

Autism isn’t a defect or a problem. It’s not this idea that a person’s only going to be good at working retail or bagging groceries; there’s so much that’s hidden. People on the spectrum may need more support, but it’s actually a benefit to companies. The amount of intelligence and attention to detail they have in their brains is invaluable.

Some part of me thinks that someday I’d go back to school, but for now I don’t feel the need to. I’m very content with where I work, the kind of work we do, and the people I work with and friends I’ve made. I don’t really want to work anywhere else.

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