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Managing Diversity Through a Culture of Confidence

I didn’t know why at the time, but I just never found employment that I felt was a good fit for me. 
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I’ve had a number of odd jobs over the years, nothing you could call a career. After graduating from Central Michigan University, I sort of weaved my way through multiple employment industries, working as assistant manager at The Gap, a legal secretary, and a freelance copy editor. I didn’t know why at the time, but I just never found employment that I felt was a good fit for me. 

At age 39, I was diagnosed with autism. Since I was diagnosed relatively late in life, I had “passed”, so to speak, as neurotypical for a time. But passing is very different from excelling, and it was this burden of passing that was relieved when I came to work in a place that not only celebrates neurodiversity, but actually enables neurodiverse folks like myself to be successful. 

I started, like many other employees, as a Junior Analyst, with absolutely no experience in software testing. I was promoted twice within three years at Aspiritech, first to QA Lead and recently to QA Multi-Client Manager. I work on some of Aspiritech’s largest testing projects, including performance testing for Bose and Zebra Technologies. 

What’s been so different for me about working at Aspiritech is the atmosphere of encouragement. Whereas at another company, a person might get written up or reprimanded for being different. Aspiritech helps me put my special talents to work. Within two to three months of starting with the company, I was being encouraged to train the even-newer hires, and just a few months later, the QA senior manager asked if I’d like to take lead on a project for a new client. 

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