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Listen Up: The Importance of Communication in QA Testing for Bose

When the foremost manufacturer of high- quality headphones was looking to bring an innovative new product to market, time was of the essence.
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Competitors were rolling out similar-looking products, and Bose had to find a way to balance their signature quality with competitive expediency. In short, they needed a testing company that would provide rapid and efficient testing without sacrificing meticulousness.

That’s where Aspiritech comes in. A QA team was assembled to meet the demanding needs of this technology giant. In order to bring their product to market for this holiday season, Bose needed to test two things in each development cycle: first, that the new build has not introduced any new critical defects in the product; and second, that any past defects that were found and fixed are not re-introduced by the latest build.

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There were approximately 80 software defects that were found by Aspiritech and Bose, which needed to be tested and validated by Aspiritech in each new version of the software. To tackle this multifaceted challenge, Aspiritech bifurcated their QA team so that both tasks could receive the greatest possible attention and care. Altogether, Aspiritech completed each test cycle in just a week, with each cycle consisting of 1,000-1,400 tests.

It takes constant communication between the Aspiritech team and the client in order to maximize the value of the endeavor. Bose is committed to a great out-of-the-box user experience, and the more carefully a product is tested the better the customer experience. Fortunately, the Aspiritech team has proven to be up to the task. Summed up by the client themselves, “(Aspiritech’s) service has exceeded our expectations. The passion they have for our products coupled with their ability to perform hyper focused testing has yielded great results for us and ultimately our customers” (Brian Cohen, Sr. Manager of Software Quality Assurance, Bose Corp.).

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