April is Autism Acceptance Month

Aspiritech’s donors allow our nonprofit to provide the essential support and programs that make us a leading provider of meaningful employment for autistic adults. If you can, please support our mission this April.

Support Our Mission This Giving Tuesday 2023

We can hardly believe it’s time for 2023 to draw to a close. It seems to have flown by in that way that time often does. In many ways, it was a difficult year. We watched unthinkable tragedies unfold across the world, faced economic uncertainty, and heard from autistic job-seekers around the world facing hardship.

But it is in the toughest times we come together. We can reflect with gratitude on the community of supporters who help us make Aspiritech what it is and plan enthusiastically for the future so we can shape a better tomorrow.

That tomorrow is possible because of you. Thank you for believing in the potential of autistic adults. For 15 years, friends and supporters like you have transformed the lives of hundreds of adults on the spectrum by generously funding our programs.

You have made it possible for Aspiritech to offer technical training, support services and an emergency fund for employees in need, and especially a beautiful home of our own in downtown Evanston. We are so grateful!

We saw surging popularity for our Stepping Up & Out program in 2023, seeing record-breaking attendance of autistic community members joining us for outings throughout the year! Your generosity helps ease the loneliness and social isolation of so many.

We are also working to launch a mentorship and role model program. So many autistic high school and college students have never seen representation of themselves as successful, thriving adults in the workplace. We’re aiming to change that with open houses and visits to see our team members thriving. You help make that possible.

The ACE FUND is an emergency fund for staff in need meant to Assist, Change or Empower their lives. In 2023, we’ve received a significant number of requests for assistance, ranging for requests for basic assistance, housing crises, emergency medical and legal needs, and more. We also are continuing our Capital Campaign so that we can provide upgrades, sensory improvements and safe, private spaces in our beautiful new Evanston location!

There is much in store for 2024, and we look forward to sharing updates with you throughout the year. Until then, thank you for being among our most dedicated and generous supporters. Our team appreciates you!