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End-User Testing and Other QA Insights

If anyone knows QA, it’s us. Just like everything in life, quality assurance testing is evolving.
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Many of our team members have years of experience. In a recent conversation, Aspiritechers offered the following thoughts about the future of Quality Assurance testing.


Currently Quality Assurance testing as a whole is used to assess the entirety of a product. Aspiritech makes sure that QA testing not only evaluates the whole of the product, but also is end-user driven. It is imperative for our clients’ success that user experience is at the top of our list when it comes to QA. We offer diverse perspectives and often find things that neuronormative testers do not. More companies will be following the client/user oriented QA testing. There is plenty of evidence of the correlation between product usability and business success, and in a competitive business environment small differences can mean a lot. 


Our QA testers know the value of diligence. We are detail oriented, meticulous, and thorough but not at the expense of our clients’ timelines. Fast-paced testing aids in successful product launch and distribution, and is critical to our clients who run continuous development cycles. We have successfully found the balance between quantity and quality. 


It is tempting for companies to keep testing as well as software developing in-house. Some believe it to be cost efficient. Others think the process is more streamlined. But this may not always be best for the product. Outsourcing QA is not always more expensive. And QA analysts on the outside are valuable to business because developers and in-house QA are less likely to catch their own mistakes. Fresh perspectives, especially from a third party, will always benefit the usability of a product. 


Another growing subject in the QA world is automated testing. We believe that the more QA becomes automated, the more we will need human testers. When we talk about “user experience” we are 100% of the time referring to human experience as it relates to a specific product, good or bad. How can we test a product for its impact on a human user, without a human user tester? It is absolutely true that automation and AI save time, can improve the DevOps cycle, and are central to strong QA systems, but AI will never replace the diligence that a human eye, and a fresh human perspective bring to successful user driven testing. 

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