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Aspiritech’s Neuroinclusive Culture on the UWI Podcast

Nick Bruno, Aspiritech’s VP of People & Culture, recently sat down with Erica Birtles, Interim CEO of the Universal Workforce Institute (UWI), on an episode of its podcast, Let’s Talk Universal, to discuss how Aspiritech fosters this connection with employees in unique ways.
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As a major employer of autistic adults, Aspiritech’s neuroinclusive hiring and employee support practices stand out among other businesses in the technical services industry and workplace culture at large. From providing a list of questions at a potential employee’s very first interview to offering several employee resource groups to providing regular staff check-ins with our Employee Support Specialists, we are proud to have built a system that allows every team member to thrive.

But building this type of inclusive culture isn’t an accident — it’s the result of intentionally building opportunities for staff connection. Nick Bruno, Aspiritech’s VP of People & Culture, recently sat down with Erica Birtles, Interim CEO of the Universal Workforce Institute (UWI), on an episode of its podcast, Let’s Talk Universal, to discuss how Aspiritech fosters this connection with employees in unique ways, including:

  • What Aspiritech does to support its more than 90% neurodivergent staff
  • The importance of asking for feedback when announcing change
  • How critical leadership buy-in is for good workplace culture
  • The “secret sauce” to attracting, hiring, and retaining neurodivergent talent
  • Additional tips for supporting neuroinclusivity in the workplace

“The onboarding process for your organization starts during the interview. If you are being treated like a person, not just a number, your preferences and experiences are being respected before you're even an employee. That speaks volumes to how, hopefully, you will then be treated the same way when you eventually join the team. Whereas if you're just treated like a number from the get-go, you're probably just going to be treated like a number throughout your whole time with that organization.”

Nick’s episode of Let’s Talk Universal is available to stream for free via Spotify You can also watch a video recording of Nick and Erica’s talk on YouTube.

Thank you to Erica Birtles and the UWI for allowing us to talk about Aspiritech’s neuroinclusive human resource strategies and company culture. Learn more about UWI and its mission to create great work and great futures for the following generations by building a community of people set on creating the Universal Workforce on the UWI website.

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