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Aspiritech Hosted Neurowrx Conference: Celebrating International Neurodiversity Employment

group of executives around a large table in an informal training session

We are honored to have hosted such an impactful meeting of the minds on neuroinclusive practices in employment and education.

Dr. Rachel Loftin of Prosper Health opened the three-day event with her keynote on the mental health toll that neurodivergent masking at the workplace can take and offered solutions through direct assessment tools and support for self-advocacy.

Bestselling author Saskia Schepers’s closing keynote was a reminder that neurodiversity across history has been a constant and highlighted the need to challenge “normal” and change the present narrative around neurodivergence.

All of the presentations, discussions, and panels in between were rich with participants’ passion for the neurodiversity in the workplace movement, and we are proud to have been a part of it.

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The Three day conference included:

Day 1: Exploring Neurodiversity
On October 18th, we kicked off the conference with an engaging lineup. The day began with an opening keynote by Dr. Rachel Loftin, PhD, shedding light on “Mental Health, Neurodiversity, and the Workplace.” Following this, we explored neurodiversity in higher education, shared insights on emerging trends in autism employment, and toured Aspiritech’s facilities.

In the evening we held a social Meet & Greet hosted by Neurowrx at Firehouse Grill in Evanston.

Day 2: Innovative Strategies
October 19th was a day of innovative strategies. We were welcomed by the Neurowrx Board of Directors. Then, dove into topics like e-learning for training and assessment, universal design in employment, and crucial accommodations for autistic employees in the workplace.

The day culminated with a dinner hosted by Neurowrx, offering a great opportunity to network and exchange ideas.

Day 3: Champions of Neurodiversity
On October 20th, we celebrated the champions of neurodiversity in the workplace. Tarena Shanaberger, an expert in the field, presented “The Updated Neurodiversity@Work Playbook.” We also had an employer panel to discuss making autism in the workplace work from recruitment to career progression.

Additionally, Carol Simpson shared her observations on neuro-inclusivity in the workplace, followed by a final lunch and farewell.

About Neurowrx: A Global Alliance
Neurowrx is a global alliance dedicated to fostering employment opportunities for individuals on the autism spectrum in STEAM industries. We share their values of transparency, quality, autonomy, collaboration, and diversity. Neurowrx’s vision is to create a worldwide network to educate and empower businesses to embrace neurodiversity in the workplace. They offer open-source resources, collaboration, and consultation to support this mission.

About Aspiritech: Empowering Neurodiversity
Aspiritech is proud to be the largest employer of neurodiverse (autistic) individuals in North America. Our mission is to empower individuals on the autism spectrum through meaningful employment. We specialize in QA testing, end-to-end user testing, accessibility reviews, user experience optimization, and a range of data services. Our dedication to neurodiversity is at the heart of what we do, and we invite you to reach out and discover how we can assist you.Tarena Shanaberger