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AMA and Aspiritech, QA Testing Software that Doctors Rely on for Billing and Guidelines

The American Medical Association (AMA) explained the value that Aspiritech's QA Testers bring to their software developer team in a recent article published on their website.
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About a dozen Aspiritech employees work on AMA over the course of the year. The entire team, including supervisors, is neurodivergent. We appreciate the trust AMA puts in us and the importance that these test cases have for doctors and patients.

In a recent article published by the American Medical Association (AMA), Adults with Autism Find Work Helping AMA with Quality Assurance Dave Sosnow, vice president for product management at the AMA says of the AMA’s partnership with Aspiritech, 

“They do high-quality work. It’s very cost-effective, and it’s an opportunity for the AMA to support members of our community. It’s a win for all parties involved.” 

Aspiritech validates the data and tests software for glitches in the multiple platforms that utilize the AMA’s digital Current Procedural Terminology (CPT codes). These codes are used for insurance billing, to track important health data, and to measure performance and efficiency. We also test the AMA’s CPT SmartApp, which feeds the code changes. And we QA Tested the all-new AMA Guides digital platform where doctors access methodologies, best practices, and individual medical exam recommendations. It’s a lot of responsibility, and our team relishes that.

About a dozen Aspiritech employees work on AMA over the course of the year. The entire team, including supervisors, is neurodivergent. We appreciate the trust AMA puts in us and the importance that these test cases have for doctors and patients.

We are grateful for the opportunity to employ over 130 exceptional people in meaningful careers where they can apply their strengths, such as; acute attention to detail, focus, and enjoyment of repetitive tasks and look forward to continuing our partnership with the AMA.

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