A Printer – Based Partnership

The world’s largest maker of barcode printers and scanners is continuously releasing new lines of printer hardware as their technology evolves.
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For each new release, the driver has to be updated and tested extensively to make sure that the update works as intended. With updates and changes occurring frequently, it is critical that each driver update be vetted quickly and precisely. 

Aspiritech first started working with Zebra on one particular driver for their barcode and label printers. The QA team assigned to the Zebra project organized a comprehensive suite of tests to verify the features of each new printer, also performing some regressions testing existing functionality of older printers. When Zebra released a whole new build of the driver, with a different interface built from the ground up, it was clear which team they would entrust with the project’s extensive testing needs. As one Zebra Technologies employee remarked, “I’ve been part of quality assurance organizations for 25 years and these people really understand quality and how to do testing the right way,” (Jeff New, Zebra Technologies). 

Since that first project with Zebra, the company has continued to rely on Aspiritech’s services for other of their products, including updating their mobile printing app. As Aspiritech’s QA Lead for Zebra remarked, “They like our work enough that they’ve given us other projects. Instead of taking a new project to other service providers, they brought that to us,” (Michael Ashburne, Multi-client Senior Manager, Aspiritech).

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