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Welcome to Our Healing Sanctuary Trailer Launch

A Cosmic Conversation with Blaq Gurl Fya’s founder and Aspiritech CEO Tara May.
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Get ready for a celestial journey with the trailer for Welcome to Our Healing Sanctuary! Directed by Blaq Gurl Fya’s founder and featuring a transformative dialogue with Aspiritech CEO Tara May, this film explores the healing power of art, nature, and neurodivergence.

Titled “The Welcome,” the trailer dives into the world of ADHD with afro-surrealistic flair. Blaq Gurl Fya is also launching the world’s first neurodivergent-focused social media production company, uplifting Black women, and amplifying neurodivergent voices.

Intergalactic Virtual Workshop: Navigating Neurodivergence with Wendy Williams

Join Blaq Gurl Fya’s cosmic revolution and don’t miss this mind-blowing experience.

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