2017 Aspiritech Annual Report

The theme of this year’s annual report, Cultivating Growth, reflects our past and points to our future. Aspiritech began as the seed of an idea nearly 10 years ago. Since then, we have established strong roots thanks to engaged leadership, received nourishment and encouragement from our donors, supported the economic ecosystem through top-notch quality assurance testing at competitive prices, and grown in stature both nationally and internationally.

None of that would have been possible without our incredible employees. We currently provide meaningful employment to 75 neurodiverse individuals — more than twice as many employees as the beginning of 2016!

As our tenth anniversary year begins, there is much to celebrate and more to be done. Thank you for joining us on this journey, whether you have been there since the beginning or are just getting to know us now. Together, we can help cultivate a more accepting and innovative world.

We invite you to click here to review the 2017 Aspiritech Annual Report online

Sharon Bielski, Chair, Board of Directors & Brenda Weitzberg, Executive Director

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