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Aspiritech’s donors allow our nonprofit to provide the essential support and programs that make us a leading provider of meaningful employment for autistic adults. If you can, please support our mission today.

Quality Assurance, Accessibility, and Data Services

Excellence powered by a neurodivergent team

Our Services

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Quality Assurance, End-To-End User Testing, and More

For clients who want their customers to have the best experience possible.

Manual and Automated Testing

We test with real users, on real devices, to help ensure a seamless customer experience in the real world. Our automated testing helps us quickly identify common errors as well.

Audio Testing

We specialize in audio equipment that interacts with software, mobile applications, cloud storage, and other services.

Data Integrity and Migration

We work to offer a variety of data services, including normalization, migration, validation, annotation, and more.

Our Expertise

Our tech services include Audio Testing, Accessibility Testing & Remediation, Quality Assurance, and Data Services. We succeed by creating an environment where all team members can thrive, innovate, and grow. Aspiritech’s team can support on-demand projects, act as embedded partners for your organization, and augment your workforce. We’re here when you need us most.

Our Team

More than 90 percent of the Aspiritech team members are on the autism spectrum. We hire and train team members and aim to pair them with a client and project that matches their strengths and passions. The team members of Aspiritech represent a diverse group of individuals who’ve created a strong community and a world-class business model supporting Fortune 500 companies and small businesses alike.

Our Philosophy

At Aspiritech we believe that when you pair an individual’s strengths with a business need and an uplifting environment, there is no limit to what they can achieve. We strive to be inclusive and welcoming to the full breadth of the human experience. We aim to create a progressive workplace that allows people’s talents to flourish and inspire other organizations to do the same. 

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