Opportunities at Aspiritech

Opportunities at Aspiritech

We currently have openings for software test engineers. Please read below.

Software Test Engineers

You should:

  • Be diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome or High-Functioning Autism
  • Be able to commute to Aspiritech's office in Highland Park or client sites (Northern Chicago Area)
  • Be willing to work for at least four hours a day, five days a week

We do not require prior knowledge or job experience of software programming and/or testing for software testers.

If you meet the above criteria and would like to be considered for our program, please download the following application form, complete it and e-mail it to info@aspiritech.org. Or, you can mail your completed application to Aspiritech, 1893 Sheridan Road, Suite 103, Highland Park, IL 60035.

Note: If you are sending the application form via e-mail, please download the form first, then fill it out in your PDF program (such as Adobe Acrobat), instead of completing the form directly in your web browser.

Employment Application

You will be contacted as openings for trainees and testers become available. We appreciate your patience.

FAQs about working for Aspiritech for those with autism:

1) What is the prerequisite education or experience that a person needs to become an Aspiritech trainee?

Aspiritech was built to meet the employment needs of adults with high-functioning autism. There is no specific education that is needed although we highly value a college degree or coursework. A successful candidate should be comfortable with computers and proficient in using the internet, word-processing and spreadsheet programs. Aspiritech provides training.

2) How much does the training cost?

The training is currently provided for free. However, we do not pay the candidates for the training. Most of the training is hands-on and the pace is up to the candidate. In some cases, we offer assistance with transportation expenses. The training period is also used as a screening tool to determine if the work fits the candidate's personality and skills. The training does not guarantee future employment with Aspiritech.

3) How is support for the Test Engineers provided?

Aspiritech employs professional autism specialists and job coaches who ensure that our staff works under optimal conditions. In addition, our accommodating and understanding environment has helped to alleviate stress. We also provide social and team building activities through our Stepping Up & Out program.

4) Can people work remotely (from home) for Aspiritech?

Telecommuting is not currently possible, primarily due to our clients' security requirements, as well as our emphasis on team collaboration. Since we are only able to offer part-time work to our employees at this time, we cannot encourage candidates to consider relocation.

5) Does completing training guarantee full-time employment at Aspiritech?

Most trainees who successfully complete the program are hired as part-time software testers at Aspiritech. Unfortunately, we do not currently have any full-time testing positions.


Here are just a few examples of how you can help to make our dream happen:

  • Support our employees with Asperger's with their commuting needs
  • Help with PR campaigns
  • Help with graphic and web site design and development
  • Help our fundraising efforts
  • Act as a job coach

If you'd like to get involved, we'd be delighted to hear from you. Please contact us at info@aspiritech.org.

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