Open House Invitation!

Dear Friends of Aspiritech,

Bring yourself, and your very own Yoda or R2-D2’s (your guests) along with you to enjoy our expanded galaxy. Just let us know how many droids are planning to alight on our planet.

And don’t miss the other 10th Anniversary galactal fun events we have planned for you. Here are just two:

  • Celebration of Autism Acceptance Month with an April Open House at our new Chicago satellite office. Date TBD.
  • June 22 – Bright Star in the Sky – Luncheon with Dr. Temple Grandin, an extraordinary “Obi-Wan Kenobi Jedi” (prominent author and speaker on both autism and animal behavior) is celebrating with us.
    We’ll illuminate the way for you!

Aspiritech is a non profit agency that empowers individuals on the autism spectrum to fulfill their potential through meaningful employment combined with social opportunity. For more information:

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