Aspiritech Featured on Built In Chicago

Built In Chicago is a news website that covers Chicago’s technical community. They featured Aspiritech in this recent profile: This tech company built a thriving business by recruiting adults with autism Brenda Weitzberg knows firsthand the value of a neurodiverse workforce. Her software QA and testing company, Aspiritech, has become one of Chicago‚Äôs fastest-growing tech […]

Astellas partners with nonprofit Aspiritech to advance career opportunities for adults with autism

Astellas’ partnership with Chicago-based nonprofit Aspiritech seamlessly merges proficiency, creativity and corporate social responsibility. By harnessing the strengths of adults with autism – attention to detail, precision, an affinity for repetitive tasks and outstanding technology skills – Aspiritech is providing high quality domestic software testing and other quality assurance services to Astellas in a wide […]