Aspiritech highlighted in Huffington Post article

Young Adults With Autism Seek Out White-Collar Careers For First Time A few weeks ago, Matthew Koenig, 24, was doing data entry for below minimum wage at a supervised employment center for people with disabilities in St. Paul, Minn. Koenig, who has autism, was happy to have a job in a tough economy, but soon […]

Aspiritech cited in BusinessWeek article

Outsourcing to the Autistic Rather Than to India Part of the reason autism has captivated Hollywood moviemakers more than other developmental disabilities is that, for all the difficulties it brings those who have it, it also gives some of them the ability to perform uncanny feats of brainpower: effortlessly memorizing train schedules or song lyrics, […]

Aspiritech highlighted on ACM News

The Perfect Software Tester? The lives of autistic individuals are challenging ones, especially when it comes to finding employment. But could it be their condition gives them the unique skills that make them ideal as software testers? At least one outsource testing firm—Highland Park, IL-based Aspiritech, with a staff of 10-plus autistic testers—thinks so. And […]

Aspiritech profiled by The Associated Press

Startup company succeeds at hiring autistic adults HIGHLAND PARK, Ill. (AP) — The software testers at Aspiritech are a collection of characters. Katie Levin talks nonstop. Brian Tozzo hates driving. Jamie Specht is bothered by bright lights, vacuum cleaners and the feel of carpeting against her skin. Rider Hallenstein draws cartoons of himself as a […]