3 Easy Tips for QA success in 2016

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Can you believe it? 2016 has taken off like a rocket; you are probably already in the midst of coding for your first release of the New Year. Aspiritech is here to support your QA needs, be they Software or Hardware testing, Test Architecture Design, Data Verification, Migration and Entry or any other IT work requiring the extraordinary focus and attention to detail of our highly trained software test engineers.

With that in mind, Aspiritech’s Director of Operations, Moshe Weitzberg, PhD, has gleaned three useful tips that can help drive your development success in 2016.

1) Don’t wait too long to begin testing

Many companies struggle with determining the exact right moment in the development process to begin the QA process.   At Aspiritech, we have found that great success results when testing is incorporated throughout the process. This can be as simple as a quick call to alert us early on in the process. During this call, don’t be surprised if we ask several questions to better understand your project and to provide any advice or tips that we may have.

Whether Agile, Waterfall or Hybrid, partnering with Aspiritech along the way can actually reduce build cycle time and result in more seamless and bug-free implementations.

Some companies ask us to test their software shortly before they plan to release it. At Aspiritech, we sometimes find issues requiring fixes that can take weeks to complete. This delays the release and causes downstream business issues. Don’t let that happen to you.

Instead, follow the “best practice” as many of our clients from industries such as electronics, financial investments, tax accounting, CRM (such as Salesforce) do and work with us earlier in the development cycle. They find this approach allows them to release their software on schedule, with better results, and less stress.

The biggest advantage is that changes that can vastly improve software can be easily made earlier in the development process. Such changes are often cost-prohibitive, if not impossible to implement later in the game.

2) Now is a good time to reassess your QA providers

Securing high quality, “made in the USA,” competitively-priced QA services can be tricky. You may at first be surprised to learn that you don’t need to send your testing overseas. Aspiritech fills this gap for dozens of companies worldwide and has doubled its volume in 2015.

We are always pleased when one of our clients decides to transfer their outsourced testing from overseas to us. We find that a small program often grows into a complete transition over time. Talk to us about a “pilot.”

3) Partner with you QA provider for Strategic Advantage

At Aspiritech, we don’t believe in providing just one part of the value chain. The more we understand your business, the better job we can do. So, that’s why we may ask you to join us onsite at our newly expanded 3,500 sq. foot facility in suburban Chicago, or via web chat to introduce your project and meet your dedicated team of software test engineers.

For some, a proof of concept is a great place to start the partnership.

Almost every new client starts with a proof-of-concept, and so far, most of those projects have become permanent. One recent example: A multi-billion dollar company gave us a proof-of-concept project and is now contracting with us for regular ongoing projects.

Please contact Aspiritech at info@aspiritech.org or at www.aspiritech.org — you may be surprised — a ten-minute discussion may have a tremendous impact on your success.

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